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Boost Revenues with Pay Per Click Marketing

Google estimates that for every $1 spend on Google Ads companies receive $8 in profit. A well targeted and executed Google Ad campaign generates incremental sales for your business.

Statistics vary, but three-quarters or more buyers are doing online research well before they make a purchase. Per Wordsteam a whopping 64% of people are clicking on paid search results (Google ads, Bing ads, etc) when they are serious about buying something online. If you’re not using paid search you are missing out on 64% of all buyers.

Our expert Search Marketing – Pay Per Click services will generate increases in leads and new targeted prospects for you. We do the hard work of researching the best possible Keywords, Creating and Optimizing your Ad Campaigns and constant maintenance to keep your ads in the top positions to drive future customers to your website. Our decade plus of experience means that you aren’t wasting money on someone who just learned how to use Google Ads. Our experience translates into real results for you.

It’s Easy to Work with Us.

We will learn your business and products. Then we create effective ads and language that your prospects search for when looking to purchase your products and services. We will send leads directly to you in real time. And we will continually work to enhance and optimize your results.

We work within your budget to provide you with maximum results. Your investment includes a monthly retainer plus a percentage of your monthly spend with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, YouTube or others.

Speak with us today about your sales and business goals. We will design a profitable program for you.

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