9 Revered Brand Qualities of Mother Teresa


Who hasn’t heard of Mother Teresa and what she stands for? She was sought after by World Leaders both religious and secular. People love and admire her for her work with the poor. How did this slight Macedonian woman rise to such prominence? As marketers, we can also learn a great deal about the qualities she embodied and how she became one of the world’s greatest brands.  As we embrace her qualities we create stronger, more enduring and more meaningful brands.

The Nine Revered Brand Qualities of Mother Teresa:

1. Mother Teresa was a leader.

Great brands lead the way.  And as a leader, she was sought out by other leaders.  United States Presidents, British Royalty, Secretary-Generals of the United Nations wooed her.  Her style of leadership was that of a servant leader.  And our brands’ first mission should be to serve our patrons. We should lead and be worthy to be pursued by other great leaders. Continue reading “9 Revered Brand Qualities of Mother Teresa”