SaaS Startup Checklist

  • Mini-fridge stocked with craft IPA’s
  • Cool two-syllable name that can be used as a verb
  • Modern downtown office space
  • Foosball table
  • Free lunch
  • CRM system customized for a SaaS business?

CRM for SaaS?   Yes! There is now an add-on that was designed just for you, the SaaS startup.

As CEO of a SaaS startup, you are probably asking yourself three things:

  • How fast can I scale?
  • How can I can I keep my investors investing? And happy?
  • How can I reduce churn?

Saasli the Saas add-on to will help SaaS Startups with all three important SaaS issues and more. 

Here is what I learned at a conference last week, to introduce the application to the Boston market.

A warm October sun shined unseasonably warmly last Wednesday as our two Toronto-based presenters showed us Saasli. These former SFDC employees demonstrated how their software customizes to make it a SaaS-focused CRM.   They discussed the how, what, where, why and when is the right time to deploy Saasli.

You’ve proven your concept. You’ve got your CMO. You know your target market. You’ve got your funding lined up. Now is the time to scale this SaaS company.  You start to add salespeople.  This is the time to add Saasli to your SFDC software.  If you’ve never done this before or if you’re a seasoned SaaS CEO, you know that it can be difficult to get to give you the data you need to manage the SaaS sales process, all of the activities required for success and to provide critical intelligence for your CEO and investors.

This is where Saasli comes in. This salesforce add-on makes Salesforce much more useable for Saas companies.  It gives you a SaaS-specific set of tools and a dashboard to help with the most common sales issues when scaling your company:

  • Managing your deal pipeline
    • Saali sales pipeline reports have Red / Green indicators letting you know how each deal is conforming to your specific sales playbook metrics.
  • Customizable critical deal information such as:
    • Is the decision-maker is involved?
    • Is the champion favoring your solution?
    • Is there a sales action that has taken place this week on the deal?
    • Other items that are important to your deal ecosystem
  • Critical data on trials
    • Has the customer started using the software?
    • What features are they using?
    • Is the trial about to expire?
    • Saasli integrates this information into the deal dashboard in making it easy for salespeople and sales managers to access it all in one place in real-time.
  • Measurement of and early indicators of churn.
    • Are customers increasing, decreasing or stopping the use of the software?
    • Who are the end users?
    • Are they using more features of the software?
    • Are there integrations?
    • How sticky is the software becoming?
  • Real-time SaaS related financial reporting important to CEOs and investors for
    • ARR
    • MRR
    • Average length of contract
    • Average price of contact
    • Churn rates

With all of this useful SaaS related information at your fingertips, salespersons can be guided to more effectively follow your playbook.  This helps ensure a repeatable and consistent sales process.

Other components  of Saasli help SaaS companies with onboarding and sales renewals.  This ensures consistent customer experience and reduction in churn.

What are the benefits to utilizing Saasli?

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced deal cycle times
  • Reduce churn
  • Fast and simple SaaS reporting
  • Increased sanity?  (Well, I can’t guarantee that!  But it’s possible.)

How long does it take to deploy Saasli?

  • 30-45 days


  • Pricing is variable based on your application, but pricing is independent of the per user fees.

The bottom line. 

Add Saasli to your SaaS Startup Checklist. It may reduce many sales management headaches and help you to scale more quickly while reducing churn.