SaaS Startup CEO, Meet Saasli

SaaS Startup Checklist

  • Mini-fridge stocked with craft IPA’s
  • Cool two-syllable name that can be used as a verb
  • Modern downtown office space
  • Foosball table
  • Free lunch
  • CRM system customized for a SaaS business?

CRM for SaaS?   Yes! There is now an add-on that was designed just for you, the SaaS startup.

As CEO of a SaaS startup, you are probably asking yourself three things:

  • How fast can I scale?
  • How can I can I keep my investors investing? And happy?
  • How can I reduce churn?

Saasli the Saas add-on to will help SaaS Startups with all three important SaaS issues and more.  Continue reading “SaaS Startup CEO, Meet Saasli”