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Your Fractional CMO and Business Coach with Advanced MarTech Skills

Scott Sweeney, MBA, a top 50 marketer and entrepreneur gets results that you can literally take to the bank.  He grows businesses through marketing at a fraction of the cost of a marketing executive because he works for your company on a part-time basis.

Scott delivers bottom-line results for small and medium-sized businesses, SME’s.  He is named as a Top 50 B2B Marketer by Toprank Marketing. He cut his teeth marketing technology. Now he works with companies in services, manufacturing, marketing and medical. Scott knows how to define and attract your target customer.  And, he can even close business.

If you’ve been struggling with lackluster sales results from a lack of marketing or marketing know-how, its time to leave it in the hands of a smart and trusted professional. Contact Scott.

Learn how decades of up-to-date marketing experience can work for you. 

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