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Scott Sweeney, your fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), is a top 50 marketer.  Clients experience growth in leads and sales at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO. Your company benefits from long-term brand building and short term results. This helps you to increase profits while building equity in your business.

Scott Sweeney, CEO of Mass MarTech is named a Top 50 B2B Marketer by Toprank Marketing. He cut his teeth in marketing technology. Now he works with companies in services, manufacturing, marketing, and medical industries. Scott helps you to define and attract your target customer.  And, he helps to close business.

If you’ve been struggling with less than optimum sales results speak with Scott,  a smart and trusted sales, marketing and business professional.

Learn how decades of up-to-date marketing experience can work for you. 

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Smart Marketing Outsourced

Scott Sweeney – Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencer and Innovator

Is your website out-of-date?

Are you trying to do the marketing yourself, but getting nowhere?

Are you spending money on marketing but not getting sales results?

Try an affordable and effective alternative: Outsourced Marketing.

Get decades of up-to-date experience of a skilled marketer at a fraction of the expense.  Start receiving qualified leads, proposals and sales.

Scott Sweeney has been named one of the Top 50 B2B marketers in the world. He has over a decade of proven marketing leadership, a decade of executive coaching,  sales, and international management experience and an MBA.

Branding, lead generation and maintaining a digital presence are essential for all companies today.

A part-time marketing leader can be your most effective and profitable way to reach your business goals.

Planning and delivering effective marketing campaigns takes time and expertise. An outsourced Chief Marketing Officer may be your best solution.

Contact us about your marketing needs. We can design a  program that delivers real results for you.

Marketing Technology Services

Maximize Your Marketing Results through Marketing Technology.

It all starts with an assessment. How is your Digital Technology serving your marketing organization?

Technology moves at a dizzying pace. Yet most marketing organizations and people are slow to embrace change. The future belongs to the agile, the nimble, the innovators. With almost 7,000 Martech solutions, how do you choose what’s best for you?

Mass MarTech helps you to Assess, Strategize, Visualize and Plan your Digital Transformation.

When we carefully match selected technologies with your organization’s strategy the results are transformational. and meaningful to all stakeholders, increased business opportunities, higher sales,  measurable ROI and optimal success.

Your digital transformation all begins with an assessment. Contact Us to discuss conducting a technology audit in your organization.

What are Mass MarTech’s Marketing Technology services?

Whether you sell your products and services to companies (B2B) or direct to the consumer (B2C) you are competing for eyeballs and increasingly for audio when people are searching on the internet or with smart speakers like Alexa.

Your website, digital advertising campaigns, marketing automation system needs to be well integrated with your CRM and your marketing apps in order for your team to produce optimum results. And, if your company isn’t in the top three results on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) your chance of someone clicking on your link drops significantly. A top result on google typically achieves a 30% click-through rate while those in the 9th or 10th position may only receive 2% of all clicks.  Purchasing a leading Marketing Automation system like Hubspot, Adobe Marketo, or the Adobe Eloqua platform isn’t enough. And sometimes its too much!

Your marketing technology does run itself. You need a partner that understands marketing strategy, marketing analytics, email marketing, integrated marketing, digital advertising, websites, marketing analytics, bots, marketing automation… the full spectrum of today’s digital marketing.

Often, digital transformation takes place incrementally.  We understand the need to produce results while making changes. We’ll learn your marketing strategy and then assess how your current technology supports it. This assessment will take place on site and include interviews with various people in your organization, including marketing managers, IT professionals, marketing and sales leadership and team members.

We will develop a deep understanding of your marketing technology and how it is currently being used.  This will include a schematic of your marketing technology stack and documentation that identifies all integrations including homegrown code and systems. We will identify gaps in technologies, technology utilization and training, and then recommend changes based on your strategies and plans.

Mass Martech can then work with you to develop a vision for the future or your marketing technology including tactical plans to improve results. Your goals may include improvements in marketing ROI,  demand generation, higher lead to close rates, increased sales, better use of marketing analytics in decision-making, and other objectives.

Mass MarTech can help drive the transformation process to ensure that new technology and work plans are being adopted and accepted by the organization. This many times is a greater challenge than planning and choosing the technologies. We have over a decade of experience in helping teams make changes in behavior and habits. We can work with your teams to make sure the transition goes smoothly. And we can stay with your organization to continuously monitor progress.

Mass MarTech works with large as well as small organizations. Our goal is that your investment produces a positive ROI for your organization.

You will find Mass MarTech very easy to work with. We can work per project, as a pilot or on an annual plan.   Call us to discuss plans for your marketing technology and digital transformation.

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Content Marketing

Producing excellent educational, how-to and thought leadership articles, ebooks and videos attract valuable prospects to your company.

Your company is dynamic. New profitable customers that appreciate your work are the key to continued growth and success.  Your website, blog and social media channels are competing globally with people who offer similar products and services. Online, you have to attract, nurture and sometimes even close your target prospects before you ever speak with them

Understanding your prospects’ online behavior and executing a  plan is the key to success.

Mass MarTech creates your smart content strategy,  then plans and executes delivering you the prospects that convert quickly to sales. Let us be your outsourced content development partner. Contact us today to begin the journey toward success.

Search Marketing – Pay Per Click

Generate Sales with Google Ads

Boost Revenues with Pay Per Click Marketing

Google estimates that for every $1 spend on Google Ads companies receive $8 in profit. A well targeted and executed Google Ad campaign generates incremental sales for your business.

Statistics vary, but three-quarters or more buyers are doing online research well before they make a purchase. Per Wordsteam a whopping 64% of people are clicking on paid search results (Google ads, Bing ads, etc) when they are serious about buying something online. If you’re not using paid search you are missing out on 64% of all buyers.

Our expert Search Marketing – Pay Per Click services will generate increases in leads and new targeted prospects for you. We do the hard work of researching the best possible Keywords, Creating and Optimizing your Ad Campaigns and constant maintenance to keep your ads in the top positions to drive future customers to your website. Our decade plus of experience means that you aren’t wasting money on someone who just learned how to use Google Ads. Our experience translates into real results for you.

It’s Easy to Work with Us.

We will learn your business and products. Then we create effective ads and language that your prospects search for when looking to purchase your products and services. We will send leads directly to you in real time. And we will continually work to enhance and optimize your results.

We work within your budget to provide you with maximum results. Your investment includes a monthly retainer plus a percentage of your monthly spend with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, YouTube or others.

Speak with us today about your sales and business goals. We will design a profitable program for you.

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